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Coordinating Committee Members

  • Wanda Liz Diaz-Merced, Chair (Jan 2016 - Jan 2019) Office of Astronomy for Development 60 Garden St Cambridge, MA 02138 United States (787) 919-1947
  • Alicia Aarnio, Chair (Jan 2017 - Jan 2020) University of Colorado Boulder 3665 Discovery Drive, Boulder, CO 80303 United States (303) 735-6859, alicia.aarnio at
  • Nick Murphy (co-chair emeritus, served 2016-2017; coordinating committee member 2017-2018)
  • Jacqueline Monkiewicz (Jan 2016 - Jan 2019), jmonkiew at
  • Sarah Tuttle (Jan 2016 - Jan 2019)
  • Jesse Shanahan (Jan 2016 - Jan 2019)
  • Jason Nordhaus (Jan 2016 - Jan 2019)

Coordinating committee nominees (to be confirmed next AAS meeting):

  • Karen Knierman, social media manager

AAS liaisons:

  • Jessica Kirkpatrick, council liaison
  • Sarah Tuttle, CSWA liaison
  • Adam Burgasser, CSMA liaison
  • TBA, C-SGMA liason
  • Alicia Aarnio, site visit oversight committee member

Website coordinator:

  • Allyson Bieryla Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 60 Garden ST., MS 10 Cambridge, MA 02138 United States (617) 384-8419

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