EMIT Summer School in Multimessenger Astronomy

4 Apr 2023
The Establishing Multimessenger astronomy Inclusive Training (EMIT) will include sessions focused on new, innovative, and inclusive topics related to multimessenger astronomy, STEM education, and the broader communities.

AAS/S&T Tour: Hawaiʻi Skies and Sights

29 Mar 2023
​​​​​​​An enthusiastic bunch of intrepid stargazers and readers of Sky & Telescope joined the magazine’s Observing Editor Diana Hannikainen on an astronomy-packed visit to the beautiful islands of Hawaiʻi and Maui.

Highlights from AAS Nova: 11-25 March 2023

27 Mar 2023
AAS Nova provides highlights of recent articles from AJ, ApJ, ApJ Letters, ApJ Supplements, PSJ, and RNAAS to inform you about discoveries you might otherwise overlook.

ALMA Cycle 10 Proposal Preparation Events

22 Mar 2023
A series of workshops are organized from 14 to 27 April 2023 and are designed to assist you in proposal preparation and observation planning for ALMA Cycle 10. Registration is free.

NEOWISE 2023 Data Release Now Available

21 Mar 2023
The Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) and IPAC announce the NEOWISE 2023 Data Release, which includes data acquired during the ninth year of the NEOWISE Reactivation mission.