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Welcome to the Working Group on Accessibility and Disability!

WGAD is tasked with promoting inclusion of and equity of opportunity for disabled astronomers at all career stages. A mindset of diverse access makes the experience of learning, working, and collaborating stronger for all. Ableism is discrimination in favor of able-bodied or neurotypical people; it is an entire system of thinking and doing that hurts disabled people and is a form of structural oppression. Disability is defined as any mental, cognitive, or physical condition that, due to society’s structure, results in a significant barrier to engaging with society. Disabilities may be invisible or visible, and diagnosed or undiagnosed. Disablement occurs when biological and neurological realities collide with society and culture; it is not a problem located in someone’s mind or body, but in society. We are excited about moving forward and bringing the ideas of universal design to the AAS, to our workplaces (including departments, labs, and observatories), to our conferences, and our classrooms.