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Projects & Recommendations


To advance the goals given in its charge, WGAD will initially pursue the following projects. As progress is made on these issues, further items of concern will be added.

  1. Establish a presence on the AAS website; 
  2. Establish an accessible, independent website to contain accessibility resources and recommendations;
  3. Develop best practices guides on accessibility and inclusion for departments, institutions, and conference organizers;
  4. Develop resources for disabled undergraduate and graduate students;
  5. Build active collaborations with the CSMA, SGMA, and the CSWA by appointing and accepting liaisons to and from each of these committees whose primary responsibility will be to take an intersectional approach to disability justice;
  6. Work with AAS journals toward more accessible formats; and
  7. Increase awareness in the community of barriers to engagement making our field inaccessible and work to eliminate the stigma associated with so many kinds of disability.



WGAD is currently working to develop recommendations for meeting(1) and database accessibility. We have released a set of recommendations for publications and are working with AAS Publishing and the IOP to implement these recommendations. Members of WGAD are working with the AAS to provide accessibility suggestions for an intersectional site visit program(2) at the departmental level. For action items for individuals, please see our resources page.

Notes: Lead contacts: 1.) J. Monkiewicz; 2.) A. Aarnio.